Commemorative Labels

Volunteers wanted please!

We have undertaken to make a label for all those on the war memorials in St Peter's and St Mary's churches. There are a lot of names.

If you would like to volunteer to make one or several, please contact us and we will give you the names, rank, date of death, etc.

You can make the labels in any design you choose. As you can see below, we have a good variety. The labels can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Honour your grandfather, uncle, father, brother, mother, sister, aunt - anyone who has died in a war or confilct, or who died because of it. You do not have to know the person(s) you are honouring.

You can sew the name onto fabric. If you use fabric, please let us have it with no raw edges.

Or you can write the name on fabric or ribbon using waterproof ink.

The commemorative labels will be sewn onto fabric and displayed with the poppies.

Here are some labels we have received so far:





For Lieut Hugh Craufard Walton-Wilsonsdfsdfdf
For Engine Room Artificer Charles Mundysdfasdfds
For Able Seaman James Diggens, Corporal Hector Reed, Stoker Charles Daniels, Steward George W BrownFor Able Seaman James Diggens, Corporal Hector Reed, Stoker Charles Daniels, Steward George W Brown
For Sub Lieut Peter AckworthFor Sub Lieut Peter Ackworth
For Leading Seaman Reuben SmithFor Leading Seaman Reuben Smith
For William WeaverFor William Weaver
For E J KirbyFor E J Kirby
For Francis Michael SmithFor Francis Smith
For Pte James IrvineFor James irvine
For Gnr Albert Seymour Lloyd, Dvr Peter McGuiggan, Gnr James E MartinFor Gnr Albert Seymour Lloyd, Dvr Peter McGuiggan, Gnr James E Martin
For Lt Ernest John Brudenell-BruceFor Lt Ernest John Brudenell-Bruce
For Stoker Petty Officer Alfred Charles Michael HorscroftFor Stoker Petty Officer Alfred Charles Michael Horscroft
For Pte Horace Robart BrownFor Pte Horace Robart Brown
For Frank Frederick Boncey, For Joseph James Boncey, For Louis James BonceyFor Frank Frederick Boncey, For Joseph James Boncey, For Louis James Boncey
For Albert DillowayFor Albert Dilloway
For Pte William James SutchFor Pte William James Sutch
For Cpl Thomas Marrant MasonFor Cpl thomas Marrant Mason
For Albert George GlueFor Albert George Glue
For Pte Thomas Leonard PearceFor Pte Thomas Leonard Pearce
For PtePercy Henry CarterFor Pte Percy Henry Carter
For L Sjt Rowland James BrownFor L Sjt Rowland james Brown
For Cpl Frederick Thomas MantFor Cpl Frederick Thomas Mant
For Pte George Robert LuffFor Pte George Robert Luff
For 2nd Lt Geoffrey Reynell BreslawFor 2nd Lt Geoffrey Reynell Breslaw

For Pte Wilfred Haines

For Pte Wilfred Haines

For Sapper Frederick ClaydonFor Sapper Frederick Claydon
For Col Frederick Howard FairtloughFor Col Frederick Howard Fairtlough
For Lance Corp George RussellFor Lance Corp George Russell
For Lt David Wilson For Lt David Wilson
For Lt George Alfred CosserFor Lt George Alfred Cosser
For Bertram Jubilee RogersFor Bertyram Jubilee Rogers
For Sgt John Bishop ElmerFor Sgt John Bishop Elmer
For Pte William Edward Hickman PalmerFor Pte William Edward Hickman Palmer
For Alexander Keith HedgerFor Alexander Keith Hedger
For Chief Stoker Edmund PalmerFor Chief Stoker Edmund Palmer
For James and George Small, two brothers fallen a month apartFor James and George Small
For Stoker Petty Officer Ernest Henry OgburnFor Stoker Petty Offier Ernest Henry Ogburn
For Corporal Charles William MitchellFor Corporal Charles William Mitchell
For John Walter Newland FitchFor John walter Newland Fitch
For Pte Charles Kenneth ScarfFor Pte Charles Kenneth Scarf
For George Edwin EllisonFor George Edward Ellison When the guns fell silent at 11 AM on 11 November 1918), Private George Edwin Ellison’s name would forever be engraved in history as the last British soldier to die during WWI. Ellison had served in the Western Front for four years; he was killed at exactly 9:30 AM, four-and-a-half hours from when the armistice was signed. He was also one of the 11,000 individuals killed on the war’s last day.
For Capt. Sidney Charles LloydFor Capt Sidney Charles Lloyd
For Pte William MongerFor William Monger
For Private James LavellFor Pte James Lavell

For Sydney Clark, Royal Air CorpFor Sydney Clark

For Stoker Petty Officer Charles TurnerFor Charles Turner

For Ian William StewartFor Ian William Stewart
For Pte Harry FrewingFor Harry Frewing
For Ernest Charles Miles, Ronald Douglas Griffin, Reuben Frank GriffinFor Ernest Miles, Ronald Griffin, Reuben Griffin
For Capt Clarence Smith Jeffries VCFor Capt Clarence Smith Jeffries
For Reginald NorthFor Reginal North
For Stoker ist class John Martin SaggersFor John Martin Saggers
For Leonard Charles BrownFor Leonard Charles Brown
For James Henry DeardenFor James Henry Dearden
For Leading Stoker William GodwinFor William Goodwin
For Mickey Scammells, William Weeks Stagg and Edward GandyFor Mickey Scammells, William Weeks Stagg and Edward Gandy
For Private Albert Harry BastianiFor Albert Henry Bastiani
For Arthur Vale 1891-1917For Arthur Vale
For Pte Edward DipperFor Pte Edward Dipper