See also the Commemorative Labels page for all the wonderful labels we have. Some will bring tears to your eyes.


Sunday 11 November - Poppy Finale service

Saturday 13 October - lit up at night

Sunday 7 October 2018 - The Dedication Service at St Peter's Church, Hayling Island

Thursday 4 October 2018 - the poppies are mounted on the scafolding

1 October 2018 - the scaffolding was put up ready for the Dedication Service, 10.30 am Sunday 7 October - with grateful thanks to Phillip Newell for his generosityScaffolding 3


Phillip and Spencer after a successful morning's work putting up the scaffolding Scaffolding 2


Scaffolding 1

11 September 2018 - a Poppython at Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club. the last piece of netting, 1.2m x 10m was started and finished in one day by many willing helpers.

7 September 2018 - another panel of netting almost finished














31 August 2018 - a busy morning at the Poppython making a giant poppy out of poppies and attaching poppies to netting

August 2018 - Almost finished panel of labelsalmost finished panel of labels

August 2018 - Pinning labels onto the backingPinning labels onto the backing

August 2018 - We have made an embroidery of the words of the poem For The Fallen to be displayed with the Poppy Cascade

For The Fallen poem

July 2018 - We have made a banner of For The Fallen to be displayed with the Poppy Cascade

For The Fallen Banner

June 2018 - two 3m x 3m nettings were completed













June 2018 - work in progress - attaching poppies to the netting






June 2018 - a poppy wreath which will be displayed in the church

Poppy Wreath


10 May 2018 - the first panel of poppies on netting is finished

Poppy panel


23 March 2018 - Poppies on netting


Poppies on nettingPoppies on nettingPoppies on nettingPoppies on netting

9 March 2018 - Poppies on netting

12 February 2018 - Some of the different varieties of poppies so far


Poppies This poppy is made from the bottom of a plastic bottle, coloured in with red and black permanent pen.
PoppyThese poppies are made from sail cloth
PoppyThese poppies are made from a circle of felt which has been cut 5 times towards the centre, then the cuts overlapped and sewn.
PoppyThis is a wooden poppy with a black painted centre. There are 2 holes in the centre for the cable ties which will be used to attach the poppies to the camouflage netting.
PoppyThese poppies are made from a circle of fabric about 7 or 8 inches in diameter, with a small running stitchin black round the edge which is then gathered and a button sewn to hold the fabric in place.
500 poppies31 January 2018 - 500 poppies