We need more Commemorative labels please

Label for Albert Henry Bastiani

Honour your grandfather, uncle, father, brother, mother, sister, aunt - anyone who has died in a war or confilct, or who died because of it. You do not have to know the person(s) you are honouring.

Using waterproof ink, you can write the person's name on a ribbon or fabric. Or, as below, you can sew the name onto fabric. If you use fabric, please let us have it with no raw edges.

See here for some we have already received



We have had 4 successful Poppythons so far at The Ark, St Peters Church,2 at Mengham Rythe Sailing Club and Hayling Golf Club.

Next Poppython

We hope to have another attaching session in August. Check here for details.


We have nearly 16,000 poppies. No more please!

Please don't make any more poppies, but if you still have some you have not given us, please hand them in as soon as possible as it will take a long time to attach them to the netting.

We had an attaching session at Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club on 11 July. We finished 2 panels of 3m x 3m netting. A big thank you to all who helped at this.

At the Poppython at Mengham Rythe Sailing Club on 10 May we finished our first panel of netting.

Poppy panel

April 2018 - We have started attaching the poppies to netting:

Poppies on netting

March 2018

Poppython at MRSC March 2018