DEADLINE for receipt of poppies

30 June 2018



Poppies to date




We have had 4 successful Poppythons so far at The Ark, St Peters Church,2 at Mengham Rythe Sailing Club and Hayling Golf Club.

Next Poppython

No date fixed for this yet. Please check back for when this is updated.



30 June 2018 DEADLINE

is the date for receipt of poppies. Please hand in all your poppies as soon as possible as it will take a long time to attach them to the netting.

At the Poppython at Mengham Rythe Sailing Club on 10 May we finished our first panel of netting.

Poppy panel

We have started attaching the poppies to netting:

Poppies on netting

Poppython at MRSC