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Crochet 1

Crochet1-1Round 1:  Black yarn. ch6 and join with a ss into first ch to make a loop (or make a magic circle). ch2 (counts as first dc) and work 11dc into loop = 12 stitches. Join with ss and fasten off.


Crochet 1-2Round 2: Red yarn. Into any stitch join red and ch2 (counts as 1st dc). Into same stitch work 1dc. *Work 2dc into next stitch*. Rep from *to*  to end = 24 st. Join with a ss into 2nd ch you initially started with.


Crochet1-3Round 3: Petal 1. ch2 (counts as 1st dc), 2tr into each of next 4 st, 1dc into next st.
Petal 2. 1dc into next st, 2tr into each of next 4 st, 1dc into next st.  Join with ss. Rep 2 more times = 4 petals = 40 stitches.



Crochet1-4Round 4: 2 dc  into each tr followed by a ss between the 2dc from previous round. Fasten off. 


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Crochet 2

Crochet2-1PR = previous round.
With black, ch 4st. The first 3= 1st tr.
Round 1: 11tr into 4th ch from hook, ss to close ring. Fasten off.
Join red to any tr.

Round 2: 3ch into gap between any 2 tr. *fptr (front post treble – ie yo, insert hook behind the post of the next treble of PR, then finish tr as normal), 1 tr into next gap between trebles of PR*. Rep *to* to last tr. Fptr behind last tr, join with ss to space between next (red) tr and first red fptr

Crochet2-2Round 3: 3ch, fptr behind post of fptr of previous round, *1tr into gap between fptr of PR and next tr of PR, 1tr into next gap*. Rep to last fptr of PR. Fptr, 1tr. Join with ss to space between tr and next fptr.
This row makes 2 tr in the gaps between the fptrs.

Round 4: *2dc into each next 7 gaps, ss into next gap, ss into next gap. Repeat to end. Fasten off





Knitting 1

Using red cast on 60 st
Rows 1 -10: k2 p2 
Row 11: k2 tog to end = 30 st
Row 12: sl 1 k2 tog psso. Repeat to end =10 st
Cut yarn. Thread yarn through 10 st. Pull tight.

Sew black button in centre or embroider with black yarn.


Knitting2Knitting 2

Garter stitch poppy. Cast on 54 stitches with red.
Row 1-10: knit to end. Fasten off red.
Row 11: with black k2 tog to end = 28 st.
Row 12: k2 tog to end =14 st.
Row 13: k2 tog to end = 7 st.

Cut a tail. Thread through 7 st, pull tight . Fasten off. Sew ends together.


Knitting 3

Knitting3Using red, cast on 80 stitches
Row 1: K to end
Row 2: (SL1, K19)×4
Row 3: P to end
Row 4: [SL1, (K1, K2tog)×6, K1]×4, (56st)
Row 5: P to end
Row 6: [SL1, (K1, K2tog)×4, K1]×4, (40st)
Row 7: P to end
Row 8: [SL1, (K2tog)×4, K1]×4 (24st)
Row 9: P to end
Row 10: [SL1, (K2tog)×2, K1]×4 (16st)

Change to black
Row 11: P to end
Row 12: P to end
Row 13: P2tog to end
Row 14: P2tog to end

Cut yarn , thread through stitches and finish off. Join side seam

Knitting 4

Knitting4-1red: CO 84sts. W+T=wrap and turn
R1 (RS) K20, W+T
R2 (WS) SSK, K14, K2tog, W+T.
R3 (RS) SSK, K11, K2tog, W+T.
R4 (WS) SSK, K8, K2tog, W+T.
R5 (RS) SSK, K5, K2tog, W+T.
R6 (WS) SSK, K2, K2tog, W+T.
R7 (RS) K3, K2tog, W+T.
R8 (WS) K4, K2tog, W+T.
R9 (RS) K5, K2tog, W+T.
R10 (WS) K5, K2tog, W+T.

R11 (RS) SSK, K1, K2tog, K1.

Knitting4-2This leaves RS facing with 5 sts on right needle and 21 sts on left needle. Repeat rows 1-11 three times = 4 petals = 20 sts left. (5sts/petal).
Cut red. Join black. If you join black RS facing: R1 (RS) K20 sts R2 (WS) (K2tog) x 10 This leaves 10 sts on needle. Cut yarn and pull tight through remaining sts. Secure ends.

Knitting4-3If you join black WS facing: R1 (WS) P20 sts R2 (RS) (P2tog) x 10 This leaves 10 sts on needle. Cut yarn and pull tight through remaining sts. Secure ends. Join the two ends of the petals.


KNitting4-4For more images see




Sewing 1

Cut out 2 circles of fabric about 4-6.5” (10-16cm) wide.
Put right sides tog and sewround the edge leaving small gap for turning. Turn inside out. Glue or sew the gap.
With double thread, make a small circle about 1-1.5” (2-3cm) wide of running stitches in the middle. Pull tight to gather. Sew securely.

Sew black button on other side in the centre.


3 petal Poppy3 Petal Poppy

  1. Ch 4, 1tr into the 4th stitch from the hook. The first 3 ch = first tr
  2. Work 11 more treble stitches into circle = 12 trebles. Join with a slip stitch to the 3rd ch of the first 3 ch made at the beginning of the row.
  3. Chain 3 = 1st tr, 1 tr in the same stitch as you have just completed your slip stitch in. 2 tr in each stitch around the row = 24 sts. Sl. st to the 3rd ch of the first 3 ch made at the beginning of the row.
  4. Each of the 3 petals will be made up using 8 sts from the 24 you have in this round. 1dc in the next stitch, 2 tr in the next 4 st, 1dc in the next stitch, slip stitch in the next st.
    *Slip stitch in next st, 1dc in next st, 2 tr in next 4 sts, 1dc in next st, slip stitch in next st.* Repeat from * to * once more for your third petal. End with the last sl. st. Cut off yarn and sew in ends.
  5. S sew a black button in the centre or embroider the centre with black wool .


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