Peer-Led & Lived-Experience Community Supporting The Families Of Military Suicide. Rebuilding Lives Together For A Brighter Future.

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For The Fallen CIC Is The UK's Leading Organisation Supporting Families Of Military Suicide, Raising Awareness, Promoting Suicide Prevention & Veteran's Rights

Social Enterprise Non Profit

We chose this model as we believe it's the best way to help people and the best model for transparency, is modern and everybody else will eventually follow suit.

  • We provide value in exchange for financial support

  • We involve our beneficiaries in our organisation, giving those who want it a gainful activity which can be therapeutic in itself

  • We are 'peer led' - by the people for the people.

  • We have 'lived experience' - we know what our beneficiaries are going through because we have been there ourselves

  • Online Courses

  • Library of 40,000 articles, stock images and audio, video files to use as you wish (including resale license)

  • Downloadable resources such as planners/guides

  • £5 per month

  • No contract/minimum term

  • All proceeds to the cause

  • Be a part of our community

Reach Out

  • Contact us via telephone on 0330 053 1758 - this is a recorded information line and allows us to use our time to help as many people as possible. Most of the volunteers also have a full-time job as well as a family so we have to maximise the hours we can devote to the cause.

  • If you want to speak face to face or on the telephone please use the Calendar Booking feature to select a slot and one of the team will be in touch. We will confirm by text message and remind you just before the appointment using the same method.

Online Store

We know that people love wearing our logo to show their support. Watch This Space!

  • Hoodies & Sweaters

  • T-Shirts

  • Children's Range

  • Mouse Mats, Cups/Mugs

  • Various other promotional items

Rebuilding Lives, Creating Community, Together.

Journaling or Blogging

Writing can be cathartic especially during times of stress, hardship and grief. Many people find comfort in jotting down their thoughts and emotions as a way of navigating through what has happened.

We spoke to people who have experienced loss in a variety of ways and asked them why they set up their blogs and how it has helped them on their grief journeys.

We will be featuring these stories and those of our Members on the Blog. If you have a story you want to share, please submit it with any photos you're happy to be published to

Online Courses


This comprehensive 9 Module Video Course is written by Dr David Alexander, an American who has worked in the UK for some 40+ years.

"The course is very thorough but not so heavy that it is overwhelming" said reviewer S.McMillan.

Obstacles stand in the way of success. Eliminating them opens the door to new opportunities.

Learn the art of overcoming obstacles and propelling yourself to success by taking this Overcome Obstacles Online course.

Every successful person in the world understands how to overcome obstacles. It is incredibly beneficial to overcome the barriers because it allows you to be successful in your journey.

This hands-on Overcome Obstacles Online course explains what psychology says about obstacles and improves your ability to overcome them.

You will identify how your mindsets affect your success and discover the powerful perspectives for overcoming obstacles.

It will enhance your capability to take the appropriate steps when you encounter too many roadblocks and let success come your way.

We have traditionally raised the majority of the money we use to operate through Enterprises such as the production and sale of branded goods, home made and sold from social media accounts. The online store is the natural progression. The next phase of our journey sees us use Social Enterprise to engage those affected and use gainful activity as a fantastic way to combine therapeutic activity with gaining confidence, learning new skills and implementing them to support ourselves, our families and give back to For The Fallen all at the same time. This is why Social Enterprise is the ultimate model for any good cause. It's the culmination of everything is good about causes such as For The Fallen. It completes the loop in so many ways. We have some initiatives in mind to begin with, and are inviting applicants to apply now, in order that we can gauge the response and plan accordingly. Some initiatives are ready now and others will be launched as we come into the New Year 2023. Exciting times indeed.

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Reach out and contact somebody here at For The Fallen whenever you are in need of support, advice, guidance or even just a chat.

We are Peer-Led, we're here through Lived-Experience and we really do care.

This project is run by the people for the people in every way and we are immensely proud to be at For The Fallen and here to serve you.

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For The Fallen is a Community Interest Organisation Operating The Social Enterprise Non Profit Model. Entirely Run By Volunteers Using The Peer Led Team Training Ethos With The Focal Point Being The Vastly Knowledgeable & Experienced Founder. Every One Of The Team Has 'Lived Experience' Of 'Military Suicide', A Term Which Is Derived From The Landmark Court Case Won By Founder Jo in 2019 When Dave Jukes' Suicide Became The First Ever HM Armed Forces 'Military Suicide' Recorded On The Death Certificate. As A Result, This Was The Day That PTSD Was Officially Accepted As A Battlefield Injury That Can Cause Death If Untreated.

For The Fallen CIC is a Member of Social Enterprise UK

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